Breakfast not your thing?

If you are not a morning person, breakfast is the last thing on your mind before you drag yourself out the door thinking about that steaming hot cup of tea you’ll have while waiting for your once again delayed train.

But that may be the problem.  Eating the right foods have been seen to have beneficial effects on the mood, the energy levels and also sleep patterns. If you have the right amount of nutrients in your body, you are able to cope with daily tasks, the delayed train may not be as stressful and you may even have a bit left over to go for that run you keep promising yourself. Diet isn’t about restricting yourself and cutting foods out to maintain or lose weight, it is simply keeping your blood sugar balanced and your food choices healthy. This is what will help you lose weight, but will also give you more energy and added bonuses, such as better skin, improved digestion and enhanced mood.

OK, that sounds great, but how does that make me a morning person?

It doesn’t right away (sorry). You have to train yourself to be that morning person. The average person skips breakfast, has a cup of coffee/tea, a sandwich for lunch with a bag of crisps and that meal deal chocolate bar as a pick me up and then a huge mountain of dinner late (because by that time you’re SO hungry you’ve got to make up for it) and then you’re so full you can’t move and digest your food, before finally making your way to bed where your body is so busy digesting your huge meal it forgot to give energy to repair the rest of the body while you were sleeping and you wake up feeling exhausted.

What just happened?

Your body prefers to use energy you consume rather that stored energy. The entire day was spent forcing your body to use its resources, aside from the quick carb high from the sandwich which kept you going and then when you needed energy the least, just before going to bed, you gave your body all the energy needed for the day which it ended up storing (as fat by the way).

The solution – change your eating habits. This doesn’t even have to be drastic. Fit it into your lifestyle. You want energy for the day. Eat in the day. That meal you made for dinner, pack it for lunch and have it the next day, have something small for dinner – Ideally protein and vegetable based, this will give your body the nutrients it needs for repair while you sleep. While preparing dinner get breakfast ready for the next morning – Carbs and fruit give you a good start so make a smoothie ready to grab on your way out if you’re running late. Once you get into the rhythm of having breakfast soak some oats, fruit and nuts overnight and warm it up in the morning, this can be eaten cold too. The soaking allows for pre digestion of the foods making it easier to digest and less chance of feeling that heavy ball in your stomach. Check the serving size on boxes – that huge bowl of cereal you have been programmed to eat is much more than just one serving, no wonder you don’t feel like having breakfast.

And finally get creative! You need to love your food. Food shouldn’t be just for nourishment. If you don’t enjoy it you’ll find reasons to avoid it. There are so many ingredients out there, superfood powders and breakfast mixes that you can’t say breakfast is boring.

So on your way home visit a Panacea Store and let us help you find the ideal ingredients to make breakfast your thing.