Summer Skin Ready

Summer Skin Care

The weather is warming up and we’re preparing to bare more, but is your skin summer ready? Winter often means we neglect looking after our skin using excuses such as: “it’s too cold to moisturise” or “nobody is going to see it” but the problem you’re left with is more work once you do want to remove a few layers of clothing.

So to help you prepare for the next few months of warm weather here are a few tips


Water is incredibly important all year round but more so in warmer weather. Water helps your body flush out toxins, improves transportation of nutrients. Italso hydrates the cells leaving you with more energy, improved health and clearer skin. Squeeze lemon into your water as this helps with detoxification, has natural electrolytes to keep your cells hydrated and vitamin C for the skin. If you’re fed up with drinking regular water, try Birch water. Now easily available and it is a great addition to your daily water intake as it is naturally detoxifying and hydrating for beautifully clear skin


Make sure to exercise regularly to get your body and your skin ready for summer. Exercise helps with skin and muscle tone as well as increasing circulation which gets rid of impurities. You will also benefit from looking fresh and feeling healthy.

The Dreaded Cellulite

These lumpy areas of skin are caused by neglect. Poor diet, lack of physical activity, slow metabolism… but cellulite can be cleared. You could treat yourself to a lymphatic drainage massage regularly, which will dramatically improve the movement of toxins responsible for this orange peel effect but taking care of your body and yourself is a way of reducing or removing cellulite permanently. Cellulite can be painful so be gentle. Massage these areas with essential oils such as juniper* or try Weleda’s Birch Cellulite Scrub and Oil

Exfoliation and Moisturisation

Use natural body washes that contain oils and are free from SLSs. This will help prevent drying of the skin. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub or make your own body scrub to use a few times a week to get rid of dry, dead skin cells and to improve circulation to the skin. Use a body moisturiser that suits your skin. Creams such as Jason Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion or Desert Essence Coconut Hand & Body Lotion are a popular choice for dry skin but you could opt for a lighter but deeply nourishing cream such as the award winning Antipodes Joyful Hand and Body lotion

Bacne (Back Acne)

Unsightly and can leave terrible scarring, but what causes it? So many answers unfortunately but following the above advice (drinking plenty of water, exfoliation, exercise) can help. Aside from this, making sure your clothing is from natural fibres such as cotton. Stay away from acrylics and polyesters. The hot humid environment caused by this type of clothing is breeding ground to bacteria which if you already suffer from acne on your body, this can increase the spread. So go natural. Sports clothing is often a blend of artificial fibres so limit wearing them to when you do sports and have a shower as soon as possible to keep your skin clear. Finally check your oil intake. Too many saturated fats can cause pores to be blocked as well as too many of the same type of Omega. Opt for reduced animal fats and try a balanced oil for the skin such as Viridian Clear Skin Oil or Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Sun Protection

Crazy as it sounds you can protect your skin from the inside. These supplements are by no means a replacement for your SPF cream but let’s face it we tend to be in the sun too long or sometimes forget to reapply.  Antioxidants are known to protect cells and is your body’s own protection against UV rays. A popular ingredient is Astaxanthin. This is a carotenoid, found in some plants or algae and has been proven to protect skin. A number of strong dermatology studies show excellent results for astaxanthin helping with skin moisture levels, elasticity, fine lines, pigmentation and freckles.  And, if you get a sunburn which causes inflammation, astaxanthin can actually penetrate the skin cells and reduce UVA damage.

For sun creams opt for natural mineral creams. Natural sun creams usually contain a wealth of moisturising ingredients as well as minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which cover the surface of the skin and reflect the sun’s rays. Commercial sun creams contain a host of various ingredients such as parabens which are absorbed into the blood stream and could affect hormones, slow down metabolism and put strain on the detoxification that you’ve been working so hard on.

If you have any more questions on sun protection, detoxification or any of the products we have mentioned, contact us or visit us in store.

*Juniper must not be used during pregnancy or in cases of kidney disease