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Stay Crystal Fresh – Native Unearthed

Say hello to the NEW! Award winning range of crystal deodorants by Native Unearthed.

Love deodorant? – Well we have something exciting in store for you. We’re a new deodorant brand, with a big personality and a big conscience. We do two things –

  1. Make great deodorant
  2. Use a portion of our profits to improve the livelihoods of women, one deodorant at a time.

Designed for busy Londoners on the go, our deodorants won an award for keeping gym goers fresh, naturally. With no white marks, sticky residue or unsavoury yellow stains left behind, our deodorants are being hailed as ‘best natural deodorants in town’.

What are crystal deodorants?

The crystals we use in our deodorants form naturally underground, and on the encrustations of volcanic rocks. It’s a simple process. We hand-pick our crystals and infuse them with the juices of freshly picked plants and herbs. We couldn’t be any more natural… even if we tried.
If you haven’t heard of crystal deodorants before, you might be interested to know that crystal deodorants were discovered thousands of years ago. Since the beginning of time (or about 400ad), people have been using crystals to stay fresh.

How do they work?

With simple earth rich ingredients such as volcanic crystals and an array of soft herbal and botanical extracts, our deodorants work by ridding your underarms of all odour causing bacteria. Odour is bacteria. No bacteria=no odour. It’s a simple yet award winning formula.

How effective are they?:

We advise you purchase Native Unearthed, apply it after your next shower and watch the miracle unfold. Our deodorants provide around the clock protection for 24 hours, without the need to reapply.
Our deodorant has been described as a ‘god send’ by leading author and nutritionist and healthy living coach Michele Kaye, in addition to the ‘most effective natural deodorant’ by thousands of lovely customers online.

Why should I switch from an antiperspirant to a deodorant:

Even if body odour isn’t your issue, we all want something that’s effective and natural. Antiperspirant not only clog your pores, but they stop your body from continuing it’s natural course of releasing harmful toxins through sweat. Our natural deodorants allow your skin to breathe, whilst providing the twice the protection of any leading antiperspirants.

Your body, your deodorant

Did you know that it takes under 5 seconds for your body to absorb chemicals contained within traditional antiperspirants and deodorants? This is why Native Unearthed have a strict no nasties policy

How to apply?:

Unlike most deodorants, it’s important to apply your Native Unearthed deodorant after your shower to wet underarms. After it smoothly glides on, your Native Unearthed deodorant will leave an invisible layer of naturally antibacterial minerals on your underarms. This ‘super’ layer will inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria and prevent B.O.
Native Unearthed are a brand with a conscience and a brand with a mission! We use a portion of our profits to improve the livelihoods of women in developing countries.

For more information go to Native Unearthed or chat to a staff member at one of our Panacea stores in London.

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