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Panacea Product of the Month: DRINKmaple - Maple Water

“Amazing water doesnt grow on trees…

it grows IN them!”

Made from one single ingredient, pure refreshing water collected from Vermont maple trees, DRINKmaple water is naturally hydrating with a hint of maple.

Containing half the sugar of coconut water but packed with 46 other nutrients, including more manganese that a cup  of Kale this is certainly a great summer drink. Nothing added, nothing taken away!

It’s not just your health and taste buds that DRINKMaple helps.

For every bottle sold 200 gallons of fresh clean water is supplied to individuals in developing nations beset by drought and disaster through the organisation More Than Sport.

Maple water is low calorie, gluten-free, dairy-free and also contains  antioxidants, prebiotics, minerals and electrolytes. Find out more…

DrinkMaple Bottle