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Elix Lift Cream Face Cream 50ml

Elix Lift Cream is an innovative anti-wrinkle and firming face cream that delivers an immediate lifting effect and long-term benefits. Its natural ingredients provide soothing, moisturizing, and antioxidant properties, while active ingredients contribute to collagen production, reducing deep lines and wrinkles. The biotechnological product Neodermyl® reinforces fibroblasts for wrinkle filling, and the combination of hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells deeply hydrate the skin, increasing elasticity and firmness. With consistent use, Elix Lift Cream provides a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance with up to 75% wrinkle reduction within two weeks.

Elix Lift Serum Face Serum 30ml

Elix Lift Serum is a concentrated anti-wrinkle and firming serum for the face, containing natural ingredients with soothing and moisturizing properties, and active ingredients that provide an immediate lifting effect and long-term benefits. It is enriched with Neodermyl®, a biotechnological product that reinforces the fibroblasts for collagen and elastin production, resulting in wrinkle filling and facial contour improvement. The serum is also infused with hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells that deeply hydrate the complexion, increase elasticity and firmness, and improve skin tone. With regular use, Elix Lift Serum helps achieve a youthful and radiant appearance, reducing wrinkles by 75%.

Elix Rejuvenating Face and Body Cream 50ml

Elix Rejuvenating Cream is a gentle cream for the face and body, containing an advanced formulation with hyaluronic acid salt that deeply hydrates and renews the skin. It also contains four active plant extracts that provide anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and antimicrobial action. These extracts offer toning, softening, and moisturizing effects that improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. With consistent use, Elix Rejuvenating Cream can restructure the skin, smooth out scars, and restore an even surface and texture.

JLMK Collagen Extra® Peptan® SR marine 50ml

Anti-ageing formula with clinically proven collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid 3-step skin regeneration collagen peptides:
  1. Stimulates fibroblast proliferation
  2. Boosts collagen synthesis
  3. Protects against oxidative stress
Collagen Extra® anti-ageing formula with collagen Peptan® SR marine. This formula features Peptan® SR marine collagen peptides to provide the amino acids required for the correct functioning of skin cells.
  • It boosts fibroblast proliferation and favours the synthesis of the major structural collagen molecule of the dermis, thus preserving its structural organization.
  • Protects against free radicals, limiting their ageing effects
Peptan® SR marine activates collagen synthesis by fibroblasts. It restores the three dimensional architecture of the dermis, increasing the volume of the tissue providing it with cohesion and tonicity. It affects the extracellular matrix of the dermis in order to counteract the loss of firmness which occurs over time, and eventually leads to wrinkles. Peptan® SR marine provides protection against agents generating free radicals.

JLMK Lifenest Action Boost2 Q10 Toning & Energy Liquid 150ml

The composition per daily dose of Action Boost2 Q10   The "active substances" in this formulation, CO Q 10, GS403 mix, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine, Pomegranate extract, Black pepper extract, and Zinc, offer a range of potential health benefits, such as supporting heart health, reducing inflammation, promoting skin health, and enhancing nutrient absorption.     ACTIVE SUBSTANCES:
  • CO Q 10: 100mg
  • GS403 mix (Cear tonia aqua  extract, Crithmum maritimum  aqua extract, Oregano aqua  extract): 5mg
  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitien: 300mg
  • Pomegranade extract: 25mg
  • Black pepper extract: 5mg
  • Zinc (as Zinc gluconate): 5mg

JLMK Max Hair Collagen Lotion 100ml


Collagen Max Hair™ 100ml clinically proven Lotion against hair loss

Collagen Max Hair™ is a clinically proven Lotion against hair loss
  • Collagen Max Hair™ contains clinically proven procapil™ providing a protecting and repairing effect on the structure of hair follicle, slowing down the aging process
  • Hair Antiaging can be promoted by stimulation of follicle cell metabolism, leading to a slow down hair los
It contains patented procapil™ ingredients Patent N° WO 00/58347

Collagen Max Hair Lotion® 100ml The number 1 formula for hair loss

  • Combination of a vitaminated matrikine (biotinyl-GHK) with apigenin (a flavonoid from citrus) and oleanolic acid from loveyly hemsleya root.
  • Fights follicle ageing process to prevent hair loss.
Properties: Procapil™ targets the main causes of alopecia:
  • poor scalp
  • micro-circulation,
  • follicle ageing
  • and follicle atrophy caused by dihydrotestosterone.

How does Max Hair™ Lotion work?

  • Oleanolic acid inhibits 5α‑reductase,
  • apigenin improves micro-circulation and biotinyl-GHK stimulates cell metabolism.

JLMK Max Hair Collagen Shampoo 250ml


Max Hair Collagen Shampoo® 250 ml

Anti-Hair loss shampoo for thinning hair with Collagen and Biotin Max Hair Collagen® Shampoo helps to prevent hair loss and adds volume to your hair. Max hair collagen® shampoo is a paraben free formula that removes pollutants and toxins making your hair look shiny and luscious. For better results apply a generous amount of shampoo and gently massage in to the hair for a few minutes and rinse well.

Lifenest Pharynx Protection Throat Spray 30ml

This formulation may not be suitable for use by pregnant women or individuals who are currently breastfeeding, and it's important to consult with a healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplements during this time.     The recomended daily dose of Pharynx Protection is 3ml (20 sprays) & contains the following active substances:
  • Aloe Vera 200:1 extract: 20mg
  • Elderberry extract: 25mg
  • Echinacea: 25.2mg
  • Propolis: 12.6mg
  • Hyaluronic Acid: 2.52mg
  • GS403 mix (Sideritis aqua extract, Hydrastis Canadensis aqua extract, Thymus Vulgaris aqua extract, Satureja thymbra): 40mg
In addition, the product contains the following inactive ingredients:
  • Boswellia carterii Birdw. gum resin
  • Pinus sylvestris L. essential oil
  • Melaleuca leucadendron L. (var. Cajaputi R.) essential oil
  • Carnation (Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Mer. et L. M. Perry(syn. Eugenia Caryophyllata Thunb) essential oil
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia CHEEL) essential oil
  • Stabiliser: Glycerol
  • Acidifier: Citric acid
  • Preservatives: Sodium Benzoate, Potassium sorbate
  • Sweetener: Sucralose
Note that the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is not applicable for all of these substances, as they are not essential nutrients.