6 Health Benefits of Turmeric Everyone Must Know

When we talk about turmeric, there are uncountable health benefits you will be amazed to know about. And if you get to know them all, you’ll never miss out on turmeric in your daily diet. It’s a natural medicine that helps in numerous health conditions.

From having anti-inflammatory properties and improving heart health to being a natural antioxidant, helping in cancer, working as a pain-killer, and decreasing the symptoms of depression plus strengthening your immune system, there is hardly any area of health where turmeric doesn’t help.

Let’s deeply discuss the most common 6 health benefits of turmeric everyone must know.

What Is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a yellow-colored natural spice that contains curcumin as its main ingredient. Curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which makes in beneficial for dietary intake.

Note: Turmeric is not a substitute for medicine. It may be used as a natural remedy, but if you are suffering from chronic disease, make sure to ask your pharmacist if you can use turmeric with your medications for verifying any food-drug interactions.

Natural Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Diet:

So, in case you are worried about how to use turmeric in your diet, consider the following options:

  • Add turmeric to your curries as a spice while preparing meals.
  • Drink warm milk by adding one teaspoon of turmeric every day. (It also helps in healing wounds, sores, and cuts)
  • Add turmeric to your salad dressings
  • Use turmeric in the morning with your scrambled eggs
  • Drink turmeric smoothies

Now let’s take a look at the most common 6 health benefits of turmeric.

6 Health Benefits of Turmeric Everyone Must Know

  1. Anti-Inflammatory and Anti Arthritis

There is hardly anyone of us who hasn’t been exposed to inflammation. 

When you face any infection or injury, your body shows symptoms like redness, swelling, and pain as a natural inflammatory response. Patients suffering from arthritis experience stiffness and swelling of joints which is also an inflammatory process.

Various studies have proven that turmeric works as a natural anti-inflammatory supplement to help relieve inflammation symptoms in your body along with helping in arthritis pain.

  1. Antioxidant

Antioxidants are substances that help remove free radicals from your body. 

Free radicals are the by-products generated by our body as a result of natural bodily mechanisms. When present in excessive amounts, it may give rise to various diseases like arthritis, heart disease, and cancer.

Turmeric is proven as a natural antioxidant that helps your body get rid of free radicals.

  1. Helps In Heart Diseases

Heart disease has become the main cause of death in today’s world. Research revealed that in the USA, one person dies from heart disease every 36 seconds.

Hence, it’s the utmost requirement that we should start taking measures to prevent heart disease to promote a healthy lifestyle.

As turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it works great to help in decreasing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. 

With that, it has also been proven to help in lowering cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure in people who are at risk of having heart disease.

  1. Effective For Alzheimer’s Disease and Mental Disorders

The fourth health benefit of turmeric everyone must know is its effectiveness in delaying brain degeneration, hence it functions as an anti-aging therapy. Studies have also proven that turmeric combined with antidepressants is great for helping depression patients in improving their mental health.

As curcumin (a substance present in turmeric) is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, it is widely useful in relieving symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. 

  1. May help to prevent Cancer

Cancer is the scariest disease, right? So, why not use turmeric to help kill your cancerous cells growth and development?

Curcumin has proven to:

  • Reduce the spread of cancer
  • Help in killing cancerous cells
  • Inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous tissues. (angiogenesis)
  1. Good for Skin Health

Last but not least, turmeric is beneficial for nourishing your skin as well. As we discussed, turmeric is enriched with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, which makes it effective for helping in various skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, eczema plus improving your overall skin health. 


So, these were the most common 6 health benefits of turmeric everyone must know.

Various researches, studies, and scientific evidence have proven that turmeric is an essential nutritional supplement and helps in many health disorders naturally without causing any side effects.

So, making it a part of our daily diet is greatly useful for being physically and mentally healthy and active.




Bassam Bairli
Bsc.Pharmacy / MBA
General Manager
Panacea Health & Beauty

That Protein Hemp Protein with Baobab

I choose this product for many reasons. First of all, it is an organic, vegan, raw and dairy free protein powder, with amazing health benefits.

The Hemp protein powder with Baobab, can be added to desserts, salads or breakfast cereals making it a very versatile food.

Hemp powder is a very good source of protein; it has at least 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids that the human body can’t produce.  Also, hemp powder contains essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. Being a good source of Gamma linoleic acid (GLA), it can have a positive influence in numerous inflammatory and immunological processes and it may help support brain function, hormonal function, cardiovascular function and other systems in the body. Hemp also contains a high concentration of magnesium, iron and potassium, being important to the maintenance of red blood cells, helping to reduce chronic fatigue and skin sensitivity.

Baobab is an African fruit very rich in vitamin C that contributes positively to high energy levels, immune function and good skin health.

As a clean high concentration protein powder, this product is a very good choice for someone that has a very active lifestyle and exercises daily. It will increase your energy during all day without increasing toxicity levels in the body (toxicity levels in the body are commonly increased by stress, free radicals and foods such as animal proteins).

Written by Luna Marques Qualified Naturopath in our Putney Store

Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream

The Dr Hauschka range has always been a favourite and the  Cleansing cream is no exception. Jamila in our Kingston store says: “It is a wonderful cleanser which I use as a make up remover as well, I use it morning and evening as daily ritual and it can be used with other creams and oils”

The Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream offers renewing, refreshing care to the skin. This gentle cleanser exfoliates using Calendula, chamomile, St. John’s wort, anthyllis and sweet almond meal gently cleanse while revitalising skin and minimising the appearance of pores. It supports the skin’s natural protective function, preparing it for a toner and day or night care, suitable for all skin conditions

Dr Hauschka recommend that you cleanse in the morning and evening using gentle movements.

Dr Hauschka focus on quality and abide by the following standards

  • Truly 100% natural and organic cosmetics, certified to NATRUE standards
  • Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEG
  • Vegan
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Never tested on animals -> learn more
  • Wherever possible, all raw materials come from controlled organic or biodynamic cultivation and are recovered under fair conditions

Creative Nature Goji Berries

I just love Goji berries. They are also known as wolfberries and have been used as a medicinal plant since ancient China. They are a good source of vitamins, including vitamins (A and C) essential minerals, and antioxidants such as zeaxanthin.

These berries also contain all 8 essential amino acids providing a surprising amount of protein as for fruit.

The carbohydrates in Goji berries are complex carbs. This means your blood sugar will raise slowly, reducing your risk of a sugar crash afterwards.
Their nutrition value as a low-calorie, low-sugar option makes them a perfect substitute to other dried fruits with higher sugar content. A one ounce serving of goji berries only has 23 calories and the Glycemic Index of Goji Berries is 29.

Goji berries have additional characteristics that help control blood sugar and appetite. They contain 21 percent fibre by weight. High fibre foods are filling and help to moderate blood sugar levels. The berries are a good source of chromium, a mineral that aids in blood sugar control. Chromium may also help to preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss. Muscle burns more calories than fat, promoting a more efficient metabolism, which makes it easier to prevent weight gain.

Goji berries are rich in several nutrients that help to convert food into energy rather than storing it as fat. Further, a balanced combination of essential minerals is necessary for efficient protein metabolism. In addition to calcium and chromium, Goji berries contain copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium and zinc.

Goji berries do not only help in a weight loss programme but they have many other health benefits, such as:

  • supporting immune system
  • supporting eye and skin health
  • promoting lean muscle
  • enhancing energy

Two amino acids (L-Arginine, L-Glutamine) and potassium in Goji berries help our bodies to produce more growth hormone, therefore, they can help to enhance libido and fertility.

These berries are good for overall wellbeing and you don’t need to force yourself to eat them because they are delicious!

Use them like raisins or fresh berries. Mix them into your breakfast cereal or yogurt, add them to trail mix, sprinkle over a salad or drink it as juice that can even be added to tea or smoothies.

Goji berries also taste great cooked, adding a savoury sweetness to hearty dishes. Plus, their vitamin C content also will help your body absorb the iron in your meals

Eating two or more servings of fruit daily is usually recommended for optimum health benefits, so add this berry in for a superfood boost to your 5 a day.

I prefer the Creative Nature Goji Berries as they are sulphite free and softer and tastier than other brands I have tried.

Written by Grazyna from our Putney store.

Antipodes Divine Facial Oil

Antipodes created the Divine oil and it really is exactly that – Divine! This oil is a nutrient-rich face oil using collagen-boosting avocado oil, rosehip oil for it’s high levels of Vitamin A and C and essential fatty acids, both known for their ability to help reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles. The Divine oil also harnesses pure plant fragrances of jasmine and sweet orange.

Katherine in our Kingston store says that it is: “A moreish skin oil that is my only facial moisturiser! Antioxidant rich rosehip keeps my skin healthy, while the avocado boosts my omegas and evens my skin tone. I feel nourished and silky with no greasy feel.”

Antipodes encourage you pamper your skin. Making your daily facial routine feel heavenly is part of the experience. Apply the Divine oil in gentle upward strokes to your face and neck. Pay loving attention to blemishes, lines, sun damage and scars. For an enhanced nutrient boost use prior to your favourite moisturiser. Suitable for most skin conditions, especially dry and combination. You may feel that applying oil to already oily skin is unusual, however if your skin is overproducing oil to overcome dryness, this will help reduce that overproduction which is why the Divine oil is suitable for combination and some oily skin types, but have a chat with a member of staff in store to find out more about what product would best suit your skin.


Source of Life Garden Bone Support

Yogini from our Edgware Store says that one of her favourite’s is Natures Plus Source of Life Garden Bone Support – ” It is a very good supplement for rebuilding. AlgaeCal, with Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D also helps build, strengthen and repair the bone”

Nature’s Plus Source of Life Bone Support Capsules with AlgaeCal is a certified Organic, Gold Standard Vitamin and Mineral formula to aid those who suffer with, or anyone who is concerned about, bone health issues.

The Bone Support nutritionally supports healthy bones with 1000 mg of the most assimilable plant-based calcium from AlgaeCal, a marine algae carefully and sustainably harvested live from the pristine shores of protected coastline in South America.

For maximum absorption and utilisation, Garden Bone Support also provides 1000IU of vitamin D3 from organic mushrooms, as well as vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7, the most bioavailable form of vitamin K, the critical bone-health nutrient.

In a base of more than 20 organic whole fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, algae and other green foods. Adequate calcium and vitamin D as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.

This formula is yeast free, gluten free and vegan and does not contain: Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid,
Titanium Dioxide, Carnauba Wax, Talc, Yeast, Hexane or artificial Flavouring, Sweeteners and Preservatives.


Vitalife Ceremonial Matcha

Bryony in our Watford store recommends Vitalife Ceremonial Matcha – She says :”I love the taste and the energy it gives me. I drink it as a tea and put it in my smoothies every morning”

137x antioxidants of standard green tea as well as being high in L-Theanine (the ‘feel good’ amino acid), matcha improves mental focus and awareness, boosts metabolism and due to the high antioxidant value it is very detoxifying and naturally anti-ageing.

Matcha is a powdered green tea grown in exclusive regions of Japan.

Ceremonial grade matcha, in comparison to lower grades, uses only the smallest, youngest tea leaves on the bush – giving it a distinctly smooth, almost sweet, flavour. It is also stronger in antioxidants

Beginner’s grade, on the other hand, uses more mature leaves from further down the tea bush which may be slightly bitter in taste

Ceremonial grade is perfect for those who have tried beginner’s grade matcha and want to take the next step to an even higher quality cup of matcha green tea.


Living Nutrition Your Flora Family

Is there anything better than feeling healthy and protected? Is there anything healthier than organic fermented food? Probably not. Because only correct fermentation creates healthy microorganisms for our digestion, and these are one of the best allies we have in our health naturally.

We need to have symbiosis – harmony with nature. That’s why I’m taking Living Nutrition Your Flora Family a symbiotic, naturally evolved microorganism supplement. It helps keep your digestion in great shape which in turn helps to keep us healthy.

Living Nutrition Your Flora provides 35 different strength probiotics, enzymes and nutrients which helps to create the right environment in the gut. It plays a great role in digestive and immune system,  enhance nutrient absorption and are involved in some vitamin production. Also keeps great balance in terms of yeast overgrowth, helps with skin issues and so much more.

In addition the Living Nutrition Your Flora Family is great for the whole family.

Living Nutrition have a range of sypmbiotics for all digestive complaints. Find out more about the rest of the range here

Written by Joanna Kanownik – Product adviser and dietitian in our Putney Store

Viridian SPF Skin Pro-Factors

I can’t rave about this product any more. It is fantastic. I have been using the Viridian SPF Skin Pro-Factors for a few years now and it’s great. I inherited my grandmother’s fair Irish skin and I felt like I would burn just thinking about a beach holiday. I was recommended Astaxanthin, a supplement often derived from krill or algae, to stop this from happening. It acts as a kind of natural sun screen. The SPF Skin Pro-Factors contains a very good amount of Astaxanthin as well as other great skin ingredients so I gave it a go.

The results were incredible. Not only do I no longer burn when out in the sun but I also no longer get a”sun allergy” also known as polymorphic light eruption. This does not mean that I can lie in the sun for hours and not roast. You still need to be responsible and use that hat and sun cream but what once resulted in an angry red and sore complexion, even after slathering on sun cream now leaves me a healthy golden brown. I take the SPF Skin Pro-Factors throughout the summer months or 2 weeks before and throughout any winter sun breaks.

The Viridian SPF Skin Pro-Factors contain:

SOD – Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme found in all living cells. It is used by the body to break down harmful free radicles.  It has also been used in studies of cell repair, beneficial for anti ageing. In additional to sunscreen, protective clothing and good choices, such as not going into the sun when it is most intense, SOD may help with exposure to the sun. There have been several clinical studies that actually show better tolerance to sun exposure, particularly for the sun sensitive.

Astaxanthin – Shown to be more effective than than beta-carotene  and lutein at preventing UV light photo oxidation of lipids

Grape Seed Extract – Protect against free radical damage suggested to be a major cause of aging. The antioxidant effect of this is greater than Vitamin A, C or E. Studies have shown this to be effective in improving vision as well as flexibility of tissue such as joints and cardiovascular system

Beta Carotene mix – Beta carotenes naturally protect the skin from the sun but studies have shown that it is at best around and SPF4. Carotenoids are not meant to be used on their own but along side sun protection creams.


Divaderm Brow Extender

Lucy in our Watford store Divaderm Brow Extender II Brows in a bottle in Cappuccino colour – She says “It’s a brow treatment with thickening fibres as well as nourishing Rosemary, Nettle and Aloe Vera Extracts. It colours and fills  my brows to perfection.”

It is said your eyes are the “windows to your soul,” so don’t let barely there brows bring you down. Brow Extender II creates natural looking eyebrows while simultaneously treating the skin and hair with herbal extracts and natural moisturisers.

Containing natural plant extracts including

  • Lecithin, Aloe, and Panthenol that improves dry or flaky skin, making it appear smooth and supple. Panthenol also enhances hair’s body, sheen, and texture.
  • Boswellia Serrata, the Indian version of frankincense, can both strengthen hair roots, reducing fallout, as well as improve shine and condition.
  • Tocopherol, conditions skin and helps keep follicles healthy and producing new growth.
  • American Ginseng, often has a firming effect when applied topically.
  • Sweet Basil Extract, potentially inhibits hair loss.
  • Rosemary Extract has antioxidant properties and can calm irritated skin.

The Brow extender is

  • Semi-Permanent.
  • Contains highly pigmented natural Italian Sea Mineral Clay and natural fibres for a natural looking and long-lasting colour.
  • Covers grey hairs completely.
  • Infused with natural moisturisers and herbal extracts that stimulate, strengthen and condition your brows in 4 to 6 weeks.

For fashionable full brows, you have to try it!