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Living Nutrition Your Flora Family

Is there anything better than feeling healthy and protected? Is there anything healthier than organic fermented food? Probably not. Because only correct fermentation creates healthy microorganisms for our digestion, and these are one of the best allies we have in our health naturally.

We need to have symbiosis – harmony with nature. That’s why I’m taking Living Nutrition Your Flora Family a symbiotic, naturally evolved microorganism supplement. It helps keep your digestion in great shape which in turn helps to keep us healthy.

Living Nutrition Your Flora provides 35 different strength probiotics, enzymes and nutrients which helps to create the right environment in the gut. It plays a great role in digestive and immune system,  enhance nutrient absorption and are involved in some vitamin production. Also keeps great balance in terms of yeast overgrowth, helps with skin issues and so much more.

In addition the Living Nutrition Your Flora Family is great for the whole family.

Living Nutrition have a range of sypmbiotics for all digestive complaints. Find out more about the rest of the range here

Written by Joanna Kanownik – Product adviser and dietitian in our Putney Store

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