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Viridian SPF Skin Pro-Factors

I can’t rave about this product any more. It is fantastic. I have been using the Viridian SPF Skin Pro-Factors for a few years now and it’s great. I inherited my grandmother’s fair Irish skin and I felt like I would burn just thinking about a beach holiday. I was recommended Astaxanthin, a supplement often derived from krill or algae, to stop this from happening. It acts as a kind of natural sun screen. The SPF Skin Pro-Factors contains a very good amount of Astaxanthin as well as other great skin ingredients so I gave it a go.

The results were incredible. Not only do I no longer burn when out in the sun but I also no longer get a”sun allergy” also known as polymorphic light eruption. This does not mean that I can lie in the sun for hours and not roast. You still need to be responsible and use that hat and sun cream but what once resulted in an angry red and sore complexion, even after slathering on sun cream now leaves me a healthy golden brown. I take the SPF Skin Pro-Factors throughout the summer months or 2 weeks before and throughout any winter sun breaks.

The Viridian SPF Skin Pro-Factors contain:

SOD – Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme found in all living cells. It is used by the body to break down harmful free radicles.  It has also been used in studies of cell repair, beneficial for anti ageing. In additional to sunscreen, protective clothing and good choices, such as not going into the sun when it is most intense, SOD may help with exposure to the sun. There have been several clinical studies that actually show better tolerance to sun exposure, particularly for the sun sensitive.

Astaxanthin – Shown to be more effective than than beta-carotene  and lutein at preventing UV light photo oxidation of lipids

Grape Seed Extract – Protect against free radical damage suggested to be a major cause of aging. The antioxidant effect of this is greater than Vitamin A, C or E. Studies have shown this to be effective in improving vision as well as flexibility of tissue such as joints and cardiovascular system

Beta Carotene mix – Beta carotenes naturally protect the skin from the sun but studies have shown that it is at best around and SPF4. Carotenoids are not meant to be used on their own but along side sun protection creams.


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