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Natural remedies are as popular as ever. More and more research is helping us understand how they can both treat ailments in the short term and improve our health and quality of life in the long term.

Natural remedies deal with the root cause of health issues, encouraging the body to heal itself. Conventional drugs often work to alleviate symptoms and may just mask the underlying cause.

But you don’t need to be ill to take supplements. The aim of natural remedies is to promote the best possible health (Optimum Health) at all times.

I remember a lecture with Patrick Holford very many years back when I was studying at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. He asked a very simple question: “what does Optimum health look and feel like?” Just think about it. The whole room lit up and started throwing adjectives at him. The summary description of Optimum health was “feeling happy, energised, driven, vibrant, mentally alert, slim, fit, never sick or in pain, with radiant skin, beautiful hair, strong nails etc…”

In an ideal world, food would contain all the nutrients we need. But in reality we live busy lives and our food is less nutritious and more processed… So in addition to eating a less processed, more plant based and more organic diet, supplements can help us achieve great health. You can take vitamins and herbs to boost energy levels, enhance mood, improve your skin hair and nails… There is a natural remedy for almost everything.

At Panacea you will find a huge range of nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic and flower remedies, aromatherapy oils, superfoods, and sports supplements.

We are committed to bringing you the latest, best quality and biggest variety of products. We employ qualified nutritionists, homeopaths, herbalists and naturopaths to offer you the best expert advice, and help you take charge of your own health.

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