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Saguna Silicol Gel

Most of us have a bit of an iffy digestion this time of year. We change our diets, exercise more and try out new foods we’re told are good for us. Before you know it you have all the symptoms of IBS.

Silicol Gel contains Silicic Acid, a compound of Silicon & Oxygen and is a hydrated liquid gel that can be easily taken as an oral dose which then acts rapidly in the gastrointestinal tract. cover the lining (mucous) of the stomach and intestine.
It binds toxins, irritants, cell residues and excess acidity, and carries them safely and naturally out of the body, thereby protecting the lining of the stomach and intestine to maintain digestive comfort. Silicol Gel also acts as a “magnet” physically adsorbing/binding irritants, harmful toxins & pathogens, rendering them harmless, as well as adsorbing excess acidity and gases to reduce bloating. Visit us in store to find out more about how to get great digestive health.


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