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Pharma Nord Ubiquinol

Santha in our Kingston store loves Pharma Nord Ubiquinol.

Co Q10 is a substance similar to a vitamin and found in every cell of the body. Your body needs it for energy cell growth and maintenance and it also functions as an anti-oxidant. Co Q10 is seen to help prevent heart disease, cancer, muscular dystrophy and periodontal disease as well as being an essential nutrient for cholesterol metabolism.

Ubiquinol is a reduced form of Co Q10; it carries electrons which can be donated to other molecules, meaning it is ready to work in the body and it is a more effective and active anti-oxidant form of Co Q10. Pharma Nord BioActive Q10 is a product containing coenzyme Q10 in the reduced form, ubiquinol. CoQ10 occurs within the body in two closely related forms, oxidised (ubiquinone) and reduced (ubiquinol). Most people are able to absorb coenzyme Q10 as ubiquinone. However, if you’re getting a little bit older, have been suffering from an illness, or have digestive issues, then coenzyme Q10 is more easily absorbed in the reduced ubiquinol form of BioActive Q10.

BioActive Q10 has all the health benefits of the original Q10, such as maintaining a healthy heart and immune system, and contains ubiquinol in a stabilised form, using specially developed lightproof and air-proof packaging to prevent oxidation via a unique patented process. Pharma Nord is therefore able to guarantee the stability of this product during the whole of the product shelf life.

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