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5 ways to boost your brain power! – By Revive Active


The brain is the most incredible machine we have ever encountered, constantly working to store, process and recall information. It is a difficult job and modern day stresses like information overload, money worries, and the ups and downs of life make it harder on our brain function. Not only does it not keep up with the workflow, but it can stop repairing and building entirely. Revive Active‘s Daniel Jones has some tips to keep our brains in shape…


The brain is constantly working, and to an extremely high degree, resulting in a constant need for fuel. What we feed our brain plays a large role in its daily function. This is particularly important in the morning as our brains are just turning on for the day.  Additionally, just as important as fuel is hydration, because as little as a 2% decrease in hydration can result in an impairment of mental performance.


A proper night sleep of a continuous eight hours is extremely important for daily mental performance. It is during this phase that the brain recovers and resets after
a long day. Compromising the brains ability to rest and recover can lead to a domino effect of mental restlessness, decreased brain function, impaired mental performance and diminished memory function.


The information which is presented to the brain has a large impact on the function of the brain itself. Studies show that ‘moments of awe’, or moments where we may see a grand scenic landscape like the Cliffs of Moher or hear a grand idea like the size and scale of space, drive our brain to begin to rewire itself to accommodate this new awe inspiring information. Taking the time to seek out these ‘moments of awe’ result in significant benefits to the function of our brain as well as our mind-set and outlook.


Having a positive mind-set has been shown to improve the overall function of the brain, while negative outlooks including fear have been shown to impair brain and cognitive function. Having a positive mind-set also promotes the continued production of signals in the brain which help us feel confident and content. Physical activity, whether it be running, swimming or any exercise, is a great first step in promoting the generation of positive brain signals to start each day with a pleasant and happy outlook.


A good start in fuelling the brain is a mixture of short chain carbohydrates (fruits), medium-long chain carbohydrates (oats and grains) and protein. However the resources which the brain receives, similar to the fuel, has a significant impact on its daily function. Nutrients like choline and vitamin D3 help to improve mental focus, clarity and help to reduce brain fog by promoting the healthy production of brain signals and activity. Omega-3 fatty acid DHA and uridine support memory and mental performance by promoting the building of essential connections within the brain. Vitamin B5, B6 & B9 contribute to mental energy and cognitive function by helping to supply energy, oxygen and important nutrients to the brain.

Together these nutrients have an even more pronounced effect through their synergistic actions, than they would individually.

Dr Daniel Jones – R & D director at Revive Active. All of the nutrients needed for super brain function are contained in Revive Active‘s new Mastermind supplement.

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