New To Panacea

We have many exciting new products this month and most are on sale as well!

Bounce Energy Balls

have a new flavour out that is sure to be a hit! It’s Coconut Lemon Flavoured. Containing cashews, coco
nut and high-quality whey protein as well as three antioxidants – vitamin E, copper and manganese; magnesium to help fight tiredness and fatigue and protein for growth and maintenance of muscle. Each ball contains 9g Protein.

Balsajo Black Garlic.

Black garlic is your usual garlic but aged with heat, humidity and a lot of patience. Black garlic has a soft texture and a balsamic like flavour that most of those who don’t like the spicy pungent flavour of garlic, love the flavour of black garlic. Each bulb is said to contain double the antioxidants of fresh garlic and although it has been heated the health benefits of allicin have not been saved, the healing sulphur compound allylcysteine is still very much there.

It’s all about superfoods this month…

and we’ve added to our range of Lovechock Organic Raw Chocolates to include the 70g bars, but if Chocolate is not your thing, we’ve also listed 3 Organic Superfood powders from Superfoodies – Maqui Berry, Ashwagandha and Green Coffee Powder. Click HERE to find out more about this range and keep an eye out for recipes using these unusual but powerful powders.

Hope’s Relief add to the familySPRAY-WEB-154x300

3 new products have been launched this month by Hope’s Relief, who have been long regarded as a leader in natural Eczema treatments. The new products have been specially developed by their naturopaths to soothe and calm itchy, dry skins and skins prone to eczema. A Topical Spray, Oat Lotion and Gel-Lotion join the award-winning Hope’s Relief family of no-nasties formulations, giving you natural choices that harness proven traditional and herbal extracts and are ideal for every age and skin type.


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