12 Days to a New You

We’re all wanting to get rid of a few extra pounds we picked up to keep us warm during the winter months, and what better time to do it than now? The problem we face is how do we do it? If only there was a short cut. Well now there is… in a manner of speaking.

New You

Annika Richardson, a personal trainer based in London, has written Recharge & Restart – A 12 day guide to a healthier you. An easy to follow book that supports you on your way to health and wellbeing by taking away all the extra effort of planning what to do and allows you to just do it.

Annika writes: “As a personal trainer I often meet people who are in need of rebooting their physical health and wellbeing. Daily life can be stressful, which can sometimes affect our immune systems. So what better way to stay healthy than by incorporating simple changes to what we eat and how we exercise into our daily plan? We all know how to do this, but putting it into practice is easier said than done.”


Recharge & Restart is a compact book in easy to follow chapters. It begins with nourishing and cleansing recipes for each day as well as a handy shopping list. The recipes don’t just end at day 12 though, Annika goes on to give you recipes you can use to “Restart” your health once the first 12 days are done.


There is no getting away from making a bit of effort to lose weight, however it’s not as bad as you think! The next chapter begins with Pilates – a fantastic alternative to stretches. Pilates not only warms your muscles up but it is known to help with increasing flexibility and strengthening muscles. Annika has worked with Pilates instructor, Charlotte West, to photographically demonstrate these exercises and explain how to do AR-Trainereach one.

The chapter goes on to Metabolic circuit exercises which Annika specialises in. Metabolic circuits are short, high-intensity exercises focusing on almost all your major muscle groups simultaneously. Traditional gym equipment often focuses on one muscle group at a time, which is time consuming. With Metabolic Circuits you are getting full body functional exercises in a quick intense workout. Along with being quick and convenient, a great benefit of these types of exercises is that your metabolism keeps working post exercising, hence the name. Which means you will be losing excess fat while relaxing or even sleeping.

Helpful therapies

Finally, there is a short chapter on Hydrotherapy, specifically the Kniepp Technique. This is a fantastic method to improve circulation as well as  immune system as recommended by Osteopath Ratna Dhall. The book ends with a few beneficial supplements that will help with detoxification, nutrition, fat burning and cleansing, recommended by Panacea’s own Naturopathic Herbalist, Danielle Kyriakides.

How do I start?

Recharge & Restart is only £7.95 available directly from Annika on her website or in our Kingston and Putney Stores.

AR - Ski Marathon


Annika recently took part in the 2016 Engadin Ski Marathon to raise funds for War Child, a charity that supports the protection and education of some of the most vulnerable children who live in some of the world’s most volatile conflict zones.



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