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Weleda Shaving Cream

Juan, our Putney store supervisor says:”My favorite product at the moment is Weleda Shaving Cream. I have been using many of the regular foaming type for years and sometimes they irritate my skin, even if I have used it before without reaction. After being made aware of this skin issue I decided to look into the ingredients of some of these shaving creams that I used in the past and I then understood why my skin reacted badly from time to time.

Weleda shaving cream does not use any nasty ingredients such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, aluminum or alcohol that are very toxic and aggressive for the body. The main ingredients of this shaving cream are natural essential oils that come from almond extract, linalool or citronellol, among the others. These kind of oils are very gentle for the body to assimilate and nourish the rough or sensitive parts of the face.

Once I got my Weleda shaving cream and as I had some of the regular kinds at home, I did my own test. I put Weleda cream on half of my face and another half I covered with a regular shaving cream. Believe or not, Weleda cream was more hydrating and soft, plus it didn’t leave me with any redness on my face. However, the regular one left me, as usual, with redness and much less hydrated my skin. The difference can be noticed after the the first try. I can also say that the Weleda shaving cream has a great smell, it is so nice that after shaving many people asked me which fragrance I use. So, it could be a way to save some money on cologne – Two in one.

If you would like to get more information about Weleda shaving cream, please feel free to come to Panacea Putney. I will be more than happy to answer any question about this fantastic cream. I highly recommend it!”


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