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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Juan in our Putney store is a big fan of Nuzest.

He says: My favourite product at the moment is Nuzest Clean Lean Protein. Do we need add extra protein in our diet? Is a protein shake just for sporty people? Could a protein shake replace a meal if I am on a weight loss diet? Could too much protein damage kidneys? When shall I take the protein? 

These are some of the most frequent questions that I answer every day in the store.  There is nothing set in stone in the nutrition world and that is why every person needs to find out what it works best for them. Generally speaking, I will say that protein powder intake is safe; however there is a red flag for those with a history of kidney problems.

People usually link protein powder with body building and athletes, however this idea has been changing, and every day more and more customers look for protein to add to smoothies, baking etc.

It is true that a sporty person needs extra fuel, especially if they want to build muscles quicker, but a protein shake could be a good and healthy “snack” between meals for anyone. Better a delicious Nuzest Clean Lean Protein shake than a regular “full” sugar bar or bag of processed chips. 

I believe Nuzest Clean Lean Protein, made from golden peas, is the cleanest vegan protein that there is in the market at the moment and also with the highest protein content per serving.

It is unique because the way to extract the protein is very particular and special. Nuzest doesn’t denature it, so protein is not exposed or heated at a high temperature. If protein is excessively heated it loses a big part of the nutritional value, thus if the package mentions 2.5 grams of Valine, the real figure is possibly less than half. 

This is one of the main reasons why Nuzest is a great product. You get what you pay for. Clearly, as it  is produced in a very particular way, Nuzest contains all 9 essential amino acids in just one serving (nearly 25 grams).

Another remarkable point is that it is really easy to digest, some researches show up to 98% of digestibility. Plus, it is free from gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, nuts, GMOs and polyols. There are 4 flavours, in addition to the natural one. My order of preference is Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cappuccino and Just Natural. Another very important point – there are no artificial sweetners at all. The sweetness tasted in the flavoured proteins is an amino acid extract which has no affect on blood sugar and totally natural.  

I used whey protein for many years in the past and at some point it made me feel bloated, sometimes constipated or opposite, gave me diarrhoea. I understood that my digestive system was telling me that something was not right. I looked for alternative to whey and I started to use vegan proteins.  All digestive issues disappeared immediately.  I have tried a few brands of vegan protein, but at the moment I am a big fan of Nuzest. Apparently whey protein raises the acidity in the body, which means the pH balance is disrupted and the body needs to overwork to lower pH to the right level. Nuzest works in the opposite way, it alkalises the body and the risk of inflammation is reduced to the minimum level.

If we come back to some of the first questions, Nuzest could replace a meal. It could also be a snack between meals. Nuzest could be taken after or before training and Nuzest is for almost anyone.

So, I highly recommend Nuzest. If you would like to get more information about this amazing product, please feel free to visit us in store. 

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