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SunChlorella ‘A’

Ioana in our Edgware store loves SunChlorella and uses it every day. She says “It is amazing for digestive function. It is a good source of vitamin D and other essential nutrients. It gives me an instant boost to any physical activity. I love to recommend it to our customers”

Why not Spirulina?

Unlike spirulina, chlorella is a complete unicellular organism, and the richest source of chlorophyll on earth. Chlorella only grows in fresh water, which means that unlike sprirulina, it contains little or no salt or iodine. Chlorella

Both algae are recognised for a wide range of health benefits. Traditionally chlorella is  used for promoting the normal function of the immune system and the high yield of chlorophyll is now known to be a natural detox/cleanser.

From as early as 1930′s, chlorella was the subject of international research as a good quality staple food at times of food shortages.

Lets get Technical…

Click here for a full nutritional breakdown of SunChlorella “A”

SunChlorella is available in easy to swallow tablets or granules and is suitable for all ages


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