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MAG365 Magnesium Powder

Another favourite in at least 2 of our stores is MAG365 Magnesium Powder. Andrea in our Watford store and Joanna in Putney highly recommend these products.

Andrea says it always manages to help her relax after a long day. “A small amount in the evening and I sleep like a baby. It is also fantastic to help with recovery after exercising. I particularly enjoy the lemon flavour”

Joanna in Putney recommends MAG365 Bone Formula – this is the original Magnesium powder with vitamins and minerals. Joanna says “I call it: My perfect minimum. Perfect because of the combination of vitamins and minerals.  Minimum because this is the most important thing I like to take every single day for to make sure I’m absorbing the calcium which I obtain from my diet. Vitamin. D3 should always be taken together with K2. Again perfect for me because this product contains the best Vitamin K for the right absorption -MK7.

Finally perfect and minimum because there are 8 nutrients, all of which work synergistically, so there are a lot of more benefits.

The magnesium is also ionic which is a great form of magnesium. I like to drink it hot instead of a cup of tea during the day. Sometimes warm with even some more lemon and honey. And cold – after my workout.

MAG365 Magnesium supplement is a powder with a highly bio-available active ingredient magnesium citrate. It is all natural and contains no fillers. Magnesium is foundational to good health and used in over 300 body processes, but most commonly used as it helps promote a better sleep and a natural calm effect.

Also available in Plain or Passion Fruit flavour, Plus Calcium, and for Kids ranges


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