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A. Vogel Bronchoforce

Chesty coughs can accompany colds or flu. They may come about as soon as the infection starts and could linger for long periods after the viruses have left your system. Herbal remedies have a long tradition of use in treating chesty coughs. Today, they are increasingly being chosen by people who prefer to use natural medicines and those wishing to avoid the use of synthetic cough remedies.

Ivy in traditionally herbal medicine was used to reducing swelling of the membranes that line the breathing passages and breaking up chest congestion. Thyme is antibacterial and antifungal but traditionally used in herbal remedies for its antitussive (cough reducing) effect. Liquorice is soothing on the respiratory tract especially great for soothing the mucus membranes that are irritated from coughing.

We love A. Vogel Bronchoforce Chesty Cough. It is a herbal remedy combining the above ingredients designed for the relief of chesty coughs, mucus coughs and catarrh. It helps relieve chesty coughs resulting from excess mucus or catarrh in the respiratory tract.


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