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A.Vogel Dormeasan

Danielle in our Kingston Store finds A.Vogel Dormeasan a very useful product to keep around the house. She says:”It is great for helping to get to sleep when your body is tired but your brain just doesn’t want to go to sleep. I find the drops more useful than any herbal sleeping tablets as you can adjust the dosage to your needs, for example taking a little less if you’re waking up feeling drowsy.”

Dormeasan is a herbal sleep remedy made from extracts of freshly harvested, organically grown Valerian root and Hops. Dormeasan is available in the form of a liquid herbal tincture, taken just half an hour before going to bed, it can help if you worry that you can’t sleep. This remedy causes drowsiness. If you’re unsure which sleep remedy is right for you, visit one of our stores for more advice on getting into a good sleep pattern and having a better night’s rest.


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