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Living culture symbiotics offers a more natural wholefood option than standard probiotics in providing full spectrum support for your natural digestive flora. Most of us are used to taking large doses of individual strains of microflora such as Acidophilus lactobacillus but Living nutrition’s support goes further. The Your Flora Symbiotic range involves all the nutrients and factors involved in seeding, colonising and thriving within a complex and dynamic ecosystem that is your gut.

You are unique, so is your flora

We each have our own unique and dynamic eco-system within our digestive tract, rich in a vast and diverse array of microorganisms. This ecosystem influences both your physical and emotional health and is essential for optimal digestion. Living Nutrition recognise the need to support your individual flora and the complex requirements of a balanced, healthy ecosystem.

The symbiotic approach

Symbiosis – the intimate relationship of different organisms living and evolving in harmony, within an ecosystem for the benefit of each other.

Kefi-soya™ – the living culture symbiotic

Living Nutrition have developed an exceptional whole-food living culture symbiotic using a traditional month long kefir style fermentation.

Kefi-soya™ is a selection of 35 microorganisms fermented in organic soymilk. This fermented living culture provides a synergy of healthy microorganisms within their natural ecosystem.

Kefi-soya™ is so more than a capsule of bacteria. It is a living food matrix rich in nutrients, enzymes and naturally evolved microorganisms.

Fermented soymilk – the symbiotic of our ancestors

Research has proven that fermented soya milk is by far the best source of nutrition for supporting the gut flora. Recently soya has a mixed reputation, but this is due to how it is processed and consumed. Soya in its fermented forms such as miso, tempeh and natto are highly nutritious and extremely beneficial for the gut ecology.

Your Flora’s 6 New Synbiotics include:
Your Flora Coolmint

Kefi-soya™ plus organic peppermint and lemon balm –  Suitable for those with digestive sensitivity, including IBS.

Your Flora – Family

Kefi-soya™ plus organic banana and baobab – Suitable for the whole family as an ongoing support for the digestive microflora

Your Flora – Gold Spice

Kefi-soya™ plus organic ginger and lemon balm-  Suitable for those with digestive inflammation, including colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Your Flora – Regenesis

Kefi-soya™ plus organic artichoke and chicory – Suitable for the repopulation of the digestive microflora, including post antibiotics and post infection.

Your Flora – Terrain

Kefi-soya™ plus organic aloe vera and slippery elm – Suitable for those with digestive conditions including ulcers, excess acidity, constipation and diarrhoea.

Your Flora – Tranquil

Kefi-soya™ plus organic fennel and chamomile – Suitable for those suffering from bloating and flatulence.


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