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Antipodes Juliet Cleanser

Grazyna in our Putney store often recommends Antipodes Juliet Cleanser:

It’s a high-performance, skin brightening gel cleanser that helps you bring out your lightest, brightest complexion. The gel deeply cleanses the skin, removing excess oils and pollutants that build up throughout the day, using the action of exfoliating extracts from kiwi fruit and hibiscus flower.

Other ingredients include Manuka honey with it’s antibacterial powers and the antioxidant-packed Vinanza Grape.

All the natural and powerful ingredients will help your skin recover from sun exposure and will grant your healthiest glow ever. It’s scientifically proven that this gel will help anyone struggling with a pigmentation or skin redness. But let’s not forget about its anti-ageing effect!!!

If you want to have a blemish-free and even toned skin, you should try Antipodes Juliet cleanser.

Its suitable for normal, combination and oil skin or anyone who has just come back from “sunny” holiday.

I will be packing this product with my holiday necessities.


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