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Solgar Beta Glucans Elderberry Immune Complex

A favourite of Ioana in our Edgware store is Solgar Beta Glucans Immune Complex. This formula is comprised of ingredients shown in research to support the normal function of the immune system. This unique combination of beta 1,3/1,6 glucans, elderberry, Ester-C®, vitamin D3, zinc, copper and selenium, helps support the functioning of the immune system especially during periods where the body could be susceptible to developing an illness, such as during the winter months or stressful periods.

The top 2 ingredients:

Beta-glucans are naturally occurring polysaccharides which are found in the cell wall of fungi and yeasts. They stimulate the body’s resistance to infection by helping to prime the immune system, defending itself against pathogens and foreign invaders more effectively by making the body think that it is under attack.

Elderberry works by coating the spiky bits on a virus so that it’s no longer able to penetrate and take over human cells. That virus can then be ingested by immune cells such as particularly those that have been primed for activity from previously coming into contact with beta glucans.

Ioana says: “It is my favourite product because it has all the necessary ingredients needed for a good immune system”

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