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Eat Real Cofresh Quinoa Cheddar Puffs

If you’re looking for a healthy cheesy snack, look no further. Cofresh have made their Quinoa Cheddar Puffs which is a favourite of Branka in our Watford Store

Eat Real say their snacks are based on three very simple concepts that are Taste, Nutrition and Real Ingredients.

“Our desire is to create a product that is an enjoyable healthy alternative to standard snack and confectionery items and to distinguish ourselves from other brands”

Made from real, natural ingredients with no artificial flavourings, colouring and preservatives,

These tasty snacks are not only gluten free but also dairy free making it suitable for vegans.

Branka says: “I love the taste and texture, and the fact it contains quinoa flour and cheddar flavoured but still vegan.”


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