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Viridian 7 Day Sugar Detox

Say Goodbye to Sugar and Hello to Better Health, Better Sleep and Better Vitality

Sugar is addictive. There is no doubt about that. It comes in various disguises and it seems impossible to give up. it is human nature to respond positively to rewards. When you eat sugar your brain “rewards” you by producing Dopamine  – a chemical that is responsible for feeling pleasure. Good? You would think so, but in actual fact the body becomes less responsive to the dopamine and you therefore eat more sugar to get the reward feeling and this becomes a vicious cycle of highs and blood sugar crashes leaving you feeling absolutely rubbish. Sound familiar?

But we need sugar!

True. Sugar is digested and turned into glucose – one of the main fuel sources for the body. Again you would think that’s good but our body’s aren’t meant to cope with the quantities of sugar the average first world person consumes, and this is what happens:

Once your food is digested, the glucose is absorbed through the intestine, you produce insulin which acts as a transportation for the glucose to various parts of the body to be used as energy. The more simple the sugar, the faster this happens.

Once you’ve got enough energy in the cells, the leftover glucose is stored in the liver, muscles and fat cells to be used in between meals. Your body won’t waste energy and it has an endless storage supply in fat cells, so when you eat more sugars than you use, you grow more fat cells to store it.

Eventually your body develops an insulin resistance which is the pancreas producing less insulin. This leaves the body with too much glucose in the blood and nothing to transport, it and you’re left with a good chance of getting type 2 diabetes if you do not get the sugar consumption under control.

Sugar affects your immune system

Glucose is a food source for our cells but also for Candida yeast,  bacterias, and even cancer cells. This is not to say that the consumption of sugar causes these problems, only that it fuels them. Sugar is also seen to reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. A study done in the 1970’s found that eating simple sugars decreases the immune system’s effectiveness to kill bacteria and viruses it finds in the body.

Sugar affects our sleep.

Blood sugar levels that are too high or too low cause our sleep to be interrupted. Lack of a good night sleep then also causes problems with our blood sugar. Tiredness leads to the body dumping glucose into the blood stream, insulin having to transport it, and you get a cycle of cravings, mood highs and lows, and energy and exhaustion.

The average person in large cities has the following daily routine:

  • A bad night sleep leaves you slow to start, running late and grabbing a cup of coffee and chocolate muffin for breakfast – Sugar high.
  • You then have a sugar crash, so it’s a cup of tea and a biscuit to boost you, giving you another sugar high.
  • Another crash comes just in time for lunch, so you have meal deal with a chocolate bar and fruit smoothie (hidden sugars)
  • Another low in the late afternoon, so it’s another tea and biscuit
  • You get home feeling exhausted so you warm up a ready meal containing as much as 10 teaspoons of sugar.
  • Another sugar crash before bed and you’re on your way to another restless night sleep to do it all over again the next day.

Had enough?

We have too, so our product of the month is the new Viridian Sugar Detox Kit.

Start your Sugar detox

Once you decide to quite sugar. Viridian have developed a 7 day Sugar detox program supporting you with supplements and a 7 day plan to help you get over your sugar cravings for good!

The 7 Day Sugar Detox pack supplement contains Chromium, Cinnamon and Alpha Lipoic acid.

Chromium is an important mineral that contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Cinnamon, also known as “sweet wood,” has been well studied clinically and has a long history of traditional use. Alpha lipoic acid is found in all cells and is in this formula as it has a balancing effect on blood sugar levels in the body.

You can also download the app, get free meal plans, recipes and even a shopping list to help you through program on their 7 day sugar detox website

It’s time for a better you, so give up refined sugars and have a healthier summer and future.


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