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Viridian Black Seed Oil

Muhi, from our Putney store, says: “I love Viridian Black Seed Oil. All my family use this product. This is a traditional herb that has been used for thousands of years by people living in Middle East and most part of Asia and Africa to promote health and fight disease. Tutankamun is even believed to have had a bottle of black seed oil in his tomb. This oil commonly has been used for treatment related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal complains, kidney and liver functions, circulatory and immune system support. It is also known as Blessed Seed, Black Cumin or Nigella seed.

Organic Black Seed Oil from Viridian Nutrition is of the highest quality, made exclusively from organic Egyptian black cumin seed that is cold-pressed. It has a pleasant aroma and taste, it can be taken internally off the spoon, used as part of a salad dressing or used as a head or chest rub.

Viridian’s Organic Black Seed oil is vegan, organic and certified Kosher.


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