Black Seed Oil Health Benefits

Black seed oil has been used by different cultures in traditional remedies and medicine for over 2000 years, it is extracted from the plant Nigella Sativa which is native to eastern Europe and western Africa. Black seed oil is mentioned in the Bible and it is also known as the “Gold of Pharoas” as it was found in Tutankhanems tomb. The ancient Egyptians described it as Panacea “a cure for disease / problems” The famous ancient Greek Pharmacologist Dioscorides prescribed it for general health and issues like toothaches and headaches.

We at Panacea online have compiled a list of health benefits of black seed oil, readers are advised to consult a pharmacist or doctor if you want to use this product for youre ailments

Helping reducing acne and Psoriasis

Due to black seed oils antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties it is known to reduce acne and psoriasis.

Reduces inflammation

Black seed oil reduces levels of C reactive protein and malondialdehyde which are indicators of inflammation in the human body

Reducing Blood sugar

Studies have found that Black see oil reduces haemoglobin A1C and reduces fasting blood sugar.

Weight Loss

Research shows that taking black seed oil may help in reducing Body mass index (BMI) of individuals suffering from obesity or metabolic syndrome.

Revitalising Skin

With an abundance of Vitamin A, B and C Black seed oil is known for helping skin retain moisture

Supporting hair growth

Black seed oil used together with coconut oil is known to help hair grow an deven prevent hair loss

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